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STOKKE NEWBORN Set for Tripp Trapp highchair with textile cover in beige

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Stokke GmbH
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Newborn Set™
The Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set™ allows your baby to sit with you at the family table, from birth, sharing important moments and building lasting bonds with both parents and siblings.
Colour range

Dress up your Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set™* with the easy-changeable, washable, reversible textile set. The textile set includes a cover for the seat, shoulder pads and a baby bib. The reversible textile set are available in 5 colors: Tartan Pink, Tartan Blue, Blue Dots, Green Dots and Purple Dots with classic white on the rear side - choose which side you show. The textile set is made from 100% cotton to offer a soft, comfortable surface for your baby. Filling in shoulder pads is 100% polyester. Textiles are machine washable, follow washing instructions on the product.

The lining is 100% polyester and easy to wipe clean. It is detachable and can be machine washed. Follow washing instructions on the product. The warm grey plastic base with the beige textile lining and beige/white harness looks great with all the coloured Tripp Trapp® chairs in the collection.

*The floating textile heart is not included in the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set™, but placed to show how to attach a toy to the hanger.

* Fits any Tripp Trapp® chair produced after May 2003

From birth and up to 9 kilos

Allow the chair to be used from the baby is born, before it starts sitting.
Bring the baby to the family table from birth

Detachable newborn unit
- The unit is easily detachable and can be placed on the floor
- The unit has a base shaped for rocking when placed on the floor
- Rubber profiles under the base hinders the unit to slide on the floor and they protects the floor from scratches

- The unit has red-green indicator which turns green when it is mounted correctly to the Tripp Trapp® chair
- The unti has a 5-point harness which the baby always should wear when seated in the unit
- Included in the unit we have added additional rear gliders (“Extended Glider”) which can replace the gliders attached to the chair. The gliders increase backwards stability
- Never leave your baby unattended when seated in the Tripp Trapp® chair with Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set™

Ergonomy and comfort
- Side support and correct reclined angle give the baby good support and comfortable positioninig
- A comfortable padding give the baby soft, but firm support
- The natural textile is comfortable against the baby´s soft skin

Easy to keep clean
- Padding can be detached and be machine washed at 40’
- Smooth surface on plastic parts allow easy cleaning by using a moisted damp cloth

Toy hanger
- A detachable toy hanger to mount a toy for the baby to look at and reach for
- Develop motorical skills
- Entertains the baby

- The unit is made of high quality plastic which Stokke offer a 3 year warranty for, when owner register it online at (see more information in the green box on the oposite page)
- The plastic is free from phtalates and bishpenol

- A range of washable and reversible textile sets are available in different colors/patterns
- See Tripp Trapp® Accessoires sheet or Stokke® Collection catalgoue for more information
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